Jharkhand State Cricket Association

Standard Operating Protocol for Players for the Byju’s Jharkhand Men’s T20 Trophy


Players and of all teams participating in the tournament, shall strictly adhere to these guidelines in the current scenario of COVID 19: 


  •  Before the commencement of the tournament, the team coach shall acquire travel & medical history questionnaire forms (past 2 weeks) of all players which was sent to their respective email and submit the form to the Hony. Secretary/Shri Rohan Sinha.
  • Vaccination against COVID-19, in the present scenario, is critical to break the chain of transmission. Therefore, all players (18 & above) participating in this JT20 Tournament Should take the first dose of vaccination on or before July 10, 2021 and send their certificate to rohanbasudevsinha@gmail.com by July 11, 2021.
  • All players and support staff shall undertake a Covid Test (RT-PCR Test) dated on or after 12th July,2021 at their respective home destination prior to reporting at Ranchi. Only those players and support staff shall be allowed to take part in the league who possess a negative Covid Test Report which should be scanned and mailed to Shri Rohan Sinha (rohanbasudevsinha@gmail.com) prior to their departure from their respective home destination.
  • Wearing a double mask or N95 mask over the nose and mouth in public places is mandatory for all players and staff from the time they leave their home destination till the end of the league (optional while training).
  • All players must carry their own cricketing equipment and personal hand sanitizer bottles. Avoid sharing of equipment and sanitize your hand and personal belonging as per requirement. 
  • Upon their first arrival at the stadium and before entering their respective lodging areas, all players & staff must report to the Medical Desk where their body temperature shall be recorded using a non-contact thermometer and checked for any existing symptoms or illnesses.
  • The body temperature of all players shall be recorded before they enter the Dressing Room while reporting for a match and before the commencement of any practice session.
  • All players must agree to participate in the camp by signing the Consent Form for participating in the Jharkhand T20 League during briefing by coach and trainer. Each Team Coach shall submit all completed forms to the Hony. Secretary, JSCA/Shri Rohan Sinha one day before the start of the league.
  • Players shall be permitted to use the gymnasium in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Government.
  • Players’ parents and other visitors shall not be allowed entry into the stadium at any time of the day during the league.
  • During non-match hours/days, players and match officials should refrain from loitering in the stadium complex and assembly in groups.
  • Every team shall be allotted a separate slot for dinner which shall be informed to the respective coaches. The teams should strictly adhere to such timings.
  • All players shall put their soiled clothes only in ‘Black Polythene Bags’ provided in the rooms.


  • Before commencement of the league the team coach and trainer shall conduct an in-person briefing for all players and apprise them on issues, such as, BCCI guidelines for the resumption of training, good hand hygiene and health & safety measures, Lodging of Teams at JSCA Stadium, Ground and practice facilities, Reporting for any illnesses, Management of a suspected/positive COVID-19 case. 
  • All players shall report at JSCA International Stadium Complex, Ranchi positively between 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM on 16.07.2021 (entry through South Gate).


  • The medical room for players shall be used following social distancing protocols.
  • No use of air conditioning (AC) in the medical room to avoid cross-infection.
  • Both, player and the physiotherapist must take a shower before the session.
  • The Physiotherapist must sanitize his/her hands before and after the treatment session.
  • The player/trainer/physio/coach shall wear a mask during the entire treatment session.


  • If a player/support staff develop any initial symptoms (cough, headache, chills, fever, body ache, difficulty breathing, loss of smell or taste or any other unusual symptoms) they shall intimate the medical team personnel immediately and remain self-quarantined until help arrives
  • Training to be implemented following social distancing rules.
  • All Players/support staff shall arrive dressed and ready to train/officiate/play match to minimize the use of the dressing room, washrooms and common areas.
  • Use of washrooms and dressing rooms/match official’s room for post-training activities (showers, recovery, etc.) shall be minimized with a “arrive, train, depart” policy. Anyone requiring using the shower can carry their own liquid soap bottles to the ground.
  • Avoid physical contact of any form i.e., team huddles, handshakes, high-fives, tackling etc. Also avoid handing over items viz. cap, towel, sunglasses, etc. to umpires or teammates.
  • Spitting and clearing of nasal/respiratory secretions on the ground or at any place other than washrooms shall be prohibited. Members doing so shall discard the soiled tissue paper securely in the provided dustbins.
  • For creating a safe training environment, all team members shall strictly adhere to and implement these guidelines.
  • In no case players shall be allowed to step out of the JSCA International Stadium Complex. However, if any member is required to step out of the Complex due to unavoidable circumstances, he is required to obtain prior permission in writing from the Hony. Secretary, JSCA. Upon his return, he shall be isolated from the rest of the squad and medically assessed, before he is allowed back in the team environment.
  • Wash hands with soap and water (minimum 20 seconds) after coming from the ground or training, after using common equipment, after using the toilet, after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing, before touching the face, before eating food.
  • No sharing of water/drink bottles in the dressing room, on the ground while training. Marker pens shall be provided for marking each individual member’s bottle once allotted.
  • All team discussions, which demand the physical presence of team members shall strictly adhere to the social distancing norms and wherever possible be conducted on-field where more space is available.